Tej I Love you Movie Review


Release date: July 06, 2018

Starring : Sai Dharam Tej, Anupama Parameswaran

Director : A. Karunakaran

Producers : K. S. Rama Rao, Alexander Vallabha

Music Director : Gopi Sunder

Cinematographer : I. Andrew

Screenplay : Darling Swamy

Sai Dharam Tej’s latest romantic drama Tej I love you has finally hit the big screens today. Let us check whether the movie lived up to the expectations or not.

Tej is a happy-go-lucky guy who lives with his relatives. He meets Nandini(Anupama) and falls for her instantly. However, he has to face the shock of his life when Nandini meets with a deadly accident. What happens to the pair after this accident forms the remaining story of the film.

Sai Dharam Tej looks fine as a romantic guy. His transformation from routine commercial look to a lover boy has been portrayed well and is a major plus for the movie.

Anupama gets a meaty role and she does well within her limitations. The major part of the story revolves around her and the young actress does justice to her role.

Other supporting casts do what is needed of them and comedian, Prudhvi Raj impresses to an extent with his comedy timing.

The sad part is that Karunakaran takes a beaten to death story and tries to give it a complex touch with his screenplay. In the process, he leaves emotions and the chemistry between the lead pair to the air and that destroys the flow of the film.

The songs are a big setback as mine of them have repeat value. Even the background score is below par for the romantic drama.

The camera works are just about fine as the film looks rich and vibrant with decent color patterning.

Final verdict:

Tej I love you had very few things going its way and lacks the basic emotion that is needed for a love story that has a considerable star cast. The movie has a weak storyline that was seen in May movies in the past. All in all, Tej I love you is a disappointing watch this weekend.