Saaho Movie Review – Visually Stunning, But Has A Few Flaws

Saaho Movie Review - Visually Stunning, But Has A Few Flaws

Saaho Movie Review – Visually Stunning, But Has A Few Flaws

Prabhas’s big-budget action entertainer Saaho finally hit the big screens across the globe today amidst sky-high expectations. The film was made on a budget of Rs 350 crores, and the stakes are really high.

Saaho built up great anticipation, given the fact that it is Prabhas’s immediate next film after Bahubali. Let us see how the action unfolds on the silver screens.


Ashok Chakravarthy (Prabhas) is an undercover cop in India. He deals with a 2000-crore robbery case and later comes to know that this incident is directly linked with the city of Waaji, which is known to be the base camp for dreaded criminals. He meets Amrita Nair (Shraddha Kapoor) in the process, and the duo develops a liking towards each other. However, fate plays its part, and their lives are changed forever after an unexpected twist in the plot. The rest of the story unveils the real identity of Ashok and his real intentions.


Prabhas is the driving force for Saaho. He literally carries the entire film on his shoulders and manages to add his own swagger. His screen presence is just too good, and his dedication is commendable. Prabhas performed a few risky action stunts in the film, and they are on a whole new level.

Shraddha Kapoor looks really beautiful, and she emotes pretty well. Her chemistry with Prabhas is sparkling and eye-pleasing. She does really well in emotional scenes as well.

Jackie Shroff and Chunkey Pandey bag key roles and they add their own touch to the proceedings. The senior actors are used well, and they deliver a classy performance.

The movie has an ensemble star cast with many familiar faces. They carry the vibe of the film very well.

Technical Aspects:

The director, Sujeeth excelled in extracting a stunning output from his technical team. His grip over action choreography is there for everyone to see. His writing could have been slightly better, though. But he manages to get the very best out of everyone involved.

Background score by Ghibran is extraordinary in many scenes. He uplifts the temp of the proceedings with his scintillating score. The songs are very good as well.

Action choreography by Kenny Bates and other technicians is of top-notch quality. Their mind-blowing work offers a never before experience to the viewers, and that stands as one of the most significant assets to this massive action thriller.

Final Verdict:

Saaho is a visually stunning action thriller that has sleek technical values. The production designing is scintillating, and so was the background score. The film hits a few rough patches every now and then but manages to keep the viewers engaged. Prabhas is the main driving force to this film and boy does he deliver. Saaho can be watched for its visual brilliance.