Rakshasudu Movie Review – Gripping Crime Thriller

Rakshasudu Movie Review - Gripping Crime Thriller

Release date : August 02, 2019

Starring : Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas, Anupama Parameswaran, Rajiv Kanakala

Director : Ramesh Varma

Producers : Satyanarayana Koneru

Music Director : Ghibran

Cinematographer : Venkat Dilip Chunduru

Editor : Amar Reddy

Bellamkonda Srinivas is pinning all hopes on his latest release Rakshasudu, which is the official remake of Tamil super hit film, Ratsasan.

Rakshasudu hit the big screens today amidst decent expectations. Read on to see how this crime thriller fares.


Arun(Srinivas) is a cop, who is assigned with the case of mysterious kidnaps in the city. Teenage girls keep getting kidnapped by an unknown psychotic person. One day, Arun’s niece is kidnapped and he will now have to trace her down and see the end of the kidnapper. The rest of the story unveils how Arun tackles this kidnapper and saves his niece.


Bellamkonda Srinivas gets a meaty role after a really long time. He delivers the goods with his intense and settled performance. he carries the vibe of the proceedings really well.

Anupama Parameswaran also gets a good role. She emotes well and brings a good depth to the film.

Rajiv Kanikala is a standout performer and proved it again with his matured acting. His performance in a particular kidnap scene is just too good.

The rest of the star cast are apt in their roles. They uphold the momentum of the flick with their performance.

Technical Departments:

The director Ramesh Varma manges to emulate the intensity and tensed narrative of the original. He does not make many changes to the script and stays true to Ratsasan. His narration is gripping and appreciable though.

Music by Gibran is on a whole new level. He adds a whole new layer to the film with his exquisite background score. He is one of the biggest assets of the film.

Final Verdict:

Rakshasudu is a faithful remake of Ratsasan. It succeeds in providing a good number of thrills to the audience with its narrative. The second half feels slightly laggy though. On the whole, Rakshasudu is one of the most compelling suspense thrillers in recent times and can make up for a good watch this weekend.