Nela Ticket Movie Review


Release date: May 25, 2018

starring: Ravi Teja, Malvika Sharma, Jagapati Babu

Director : Kalyan Krishna

Producer : Ram Talluri

Music Director : Shakthi Kanth Karthick

Cinematographer : Mukesh G

Editor : Chota K. Prasad

Ravi Teja’s much-anticipated action entertainer Nela ticket is here let us check whether the movie lived up to the expectations laid on it.


Ravi Teja’s is a happy go lucky guy who looks to help everyone in need. He comes across a group of people and in the process of saving them, he develops a feud with Jagapathi Babu. How does he come out of the trouble form the remaining story?


Ravi Teja’s performance is the only saving point for the movie that has many flaws. The story is plain and offers nothing new to the viewers. The screenplay play is pretty outdated as well.

Malvika is fine as an actress but does not go well with the appearance and image of Ravi Teja.

The rest of the star cast did a fine job and a flurry of comedy actors have been roped in but they have a very minimal impact.


The director gets it completely wrong from the word go. No prospect of the movie looks interesting or appealing to the audience.

The music is another let down for the action entertainer. Even the background score is below par and that needs to be noted here.

Final verdict:

Nela ticket is a routine mass masala entertainer that is cooked up with all the routine commercial ingredients making it yet another boring outing. Ravi Teja’s is the only saving force for the movie and it needs to be seen if he can pull it off.