Iddari Lokam Okate Movie Review – Partly Impressive Love Drama

Iddari Lokam Okate Movie Review - Partly Impressive Love Drama

Release date : December 20, 2019

Starring : Raj Tharun,Shalini Pandey

Director : G R Krishna

Producers : Dil Raju

Music Director : Mickey J Meyar

Cinematography : Sameer Reddy

Editor : Thammi Raju

Raj Tharun is pinning high hopes on his latest release Iddari Lokam Okate. The film was bankrolled by Dil Raju and that gave it positive vibes ahead of the release.

The film hit the big screens today. Let us see if it can match the expectations or not.


Mahi(Raj Tharun) and Varsha(Shalini Pandey) are good friends right from their childhood. They incidentally meet each other after 25 long years but things take unexpected turns after Mahi is diagnosed with a rare medical condition. This changes the course of the proceedings and what happens later forms the reminder plotline.

Artist Performances:

Raj Tharun gets a subtle role and he delivers a decent performance within his limitations. Raj Tharun’s role doesn’t necessarily generate comedy and he is seen in more of a serious role, unlike the ones he had done in the past. His portrayal of a guy, struggling with a health condition is good.

Shalini Pandey shines bright in the love drama. She gives a commendable performance and keeps the viewers engaged. The chemistry between the lead pair is pleasing to the eye. Shalini looks beautiful and has an equally good screen presence.

The film mainly runs on the lead pair and there isn’t much scope for any other actors. However, the supporting cast delivers what is needed of them.

Technical Aspects:

The director GR Krishna picked a good subject and narrated the plot at his own pace. He keeps things simple for the most part and handles the arguably complex climax very well. However, the narrative is patchy in both halves. The film gets off to a slow start.

Mickey J Meyer’s music is soulful and appealing. He carries the vibe of the film very well with his impressive background score and feel-good songs.

Sameer Reddy’s work behind the lens is one of the biggest assets of the film. His color palette is visually brilliant. Every frame looks rich and that gives this film a great vibe.

Final Verdict:

Iddari Lokam Okate is a partly impressive love drama that shines brightly now and then. But the screenplay is patchy and that might put off a section of the audience. The climax is a complex one and it has been handled well by the director.