Happy Wedding Telugu Movie Review


Release date: July 28, 2018

starring: Sumanth Ashwin, Niharika Konidela, Naresh

Director : Lakshman Karya

Producers : UV Creations & Pocket Cinema

Music Director : Shakthikanth Karthick

Cinematographer: Bal Reddy

Niharika Konidela and Sumanth Ashwin are in dire need of a hit and they are pinning all their hopes on the Happy wedding. Let’s check whether the pair lives up to the expectations.


Niharika and Sumanth Ashwin are in a serious relationship and decide to take it a notch higher by marrying each other. However, Niharika is baffled after she thinks about their future. This is where the troubles start to kick in and their families make an entry here. What happens next is the Crux of the story.


Niharika is really good in the told of a confused youngster and she performed with hood ease. She looks much settled when compared to her previous movies and that is a point to be noted here.

Sumanth is also good in the role of male lead. He looks good and has tried out a new look for this youthful entertainer. The chemistry between the lead pair is a major plus for the movie.

The family episodes are really good as the lead actors have come up with some matured performances. This brings a lot of depth to the ongoing core plot.


The director picks a good script that has a great scope for some emotional episodes with the family members and he makes good use of the same. Here is where the screenplay plays a crucial part.

The music department is a major plus for the movie as the songs have come out really well. The background score for major parts are really engaging and that brings an authentic vibe to the proceedings.


All in all, Happy wedding is a youthful entertainer with some good doses of youthful content and family episodes. The movie has a decent scale and may end up as a decent hit for the lead actors.