Falaknuma Das Movie Review – A Partly Engaging Rural Drama

Falaknuma Das Movie Review

Falaknuma Das Movie Review  – A Partly Engaging Rural Drama

Release date : May 31, 2019

Starring : Vishwak Sen,Saloni Mishra,Uttej

Director :   Vishwak Sen

Producers : Karate Raju

Music Director :  Vivek Sagar

Cinematographer :  Vidya Sagar

Editor :  Ravi Teja

Falaknuma Das, starring Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi fame Vishwak Sen in the titular role hit the big screens today.

The film is riding on good expectations, thanks to the engaging teaser and aggressive promotions by the movie unit. Read on to check whether the film is worth all the hype around it.


Das is a happy-go-lucky who has nothing much to worry about it. One day, he starts a meat shop with support from a local gang and his friends. However, he gets himself involved in an ugly brawl, and that puts his business and future into jeopardy. How does he come out of all this mess? The answer to this question forms the core plot of the film.


Vishwak Sen is a legitimate actor who has great potential. His screen presence is just too good and carries the vibe of the proceedings really well. His accent and body language are apt for the role.

The heroines, Saloni Misra, and Prashanthi deliver excellent performances. They don’t get much screentime but play their roles to the best of their capabilities.

Uttej is seen in a supporting role, and he comes up with realistic performances. Acclaimed director, Tharun Bhascker made his acting debut, and he is a really good pick for his role.

Technical Finesse:

The music composer, Vivek Sagar, gives heart and soul to this film with his truly exceptional background score and re-recording. This man has a really long way to go in Tollywood.

Writing, for most parts, is very impressive, but the execution is not quite right. A few scenes in the second half have been dragged unnecessarily.

Camera works are decent, and the production values are adequate. Art direction is good as well.

Final Verdict:

Falaknuma is a partly engaging rural drama that has a few glittery moments in the first half. The film boasts of good performance from Vishwak Sen and the supporting cast. It will definitely be worth your time this summer season.