Easter eggs in baahubali -2 Trailer

Hidden clues on the plot that we might have missed..

Why did Katapa kill Bahubali? A question that left us all wondering for over a year and a half now, and gave birth to thousands of jokes, memes, and speculations. We all remain as curious as we were when we first stepped out of the theater after watching Bahubali – The Beginning in 2015.

Two years later, the trailer of Bahubali – The Conclusion has released, and we have found a few clues on what could be the reason behind the most sought after question. Here is an analysis and the seven hidden clues in the trailer of Bahubali – The Conclusion.

The blazing fire:

The trailer opens with the fire that’s blazing without control, and that could be symbolic of the unrest and the imagery of the golden symbol burning with the fire is confirming the fact that all’s not well in the kingdom of Mahishmati.

the-blazing-fire Our interpretation:

This sequence could appear as the starting of part 2, where the kingdom, Ballaladeva, and Bijjala Deva are coming to terms with the fact that someone had sneaked into the palace, free Devasena, and killed Bhadra.

The blood vow:

The aerial view of the palace is followed by a hand that’s dripping blood and has a voice over of Amarendra Bahubali who’s taking a vow to protect his kingdom against all the odds.

the-blood-vowOur Interpretation:

This scene could appear right after Amarendra Bahubali realizes that he’s been backstabbed by his brother Bhallaladeva. This could be his promise to return from exile and take vengeance and could be preceded by he being stabbed by Katappa on the orders of the person in command of the throne. The scene also has the tiny hands of a baby placing his hands like in a vow, and in sync with the voice-over to indicate that Mahendra Bahubali (the baby), will come back to claim the throne.

Touching the feet:

We are given a glimpse of bangle-clad hands touch the feet of a woman in a green silk saree. The lady’s hands are dripping blood indicating that she’s asking for the mercy of this lady in power.

touching-the-feetOur interpretation:

The bangle-clad hand could be of Devasena, at the feet of the Rajamatha- Sivagami asking her to save the new-born child. The reason for assuming it is Sivagami feet and not the other way round is because we see Sivagami in a similar saree in the teaser where she hints at the possibility of unrest in the kingdom. Also the lady is seen wearing multiple bangles unlike the single huge bangle that Sivagami is seen wearing in the first part while she is trying to save the baby.

The dripping blood sword:

There is a five-second sequence in the two-minute trailer, where we see a sword being dragged.

the-dripping-blood-swordOur interpretation:

The way the sword drips blood shows that someone was killed, but the slow, uninterested pace in which it is being dragged, and not being flaunted shows that the killer is in deep remorse of the act he has just committed. This could appear as the scene where Kattapa returns to the palace to say that Amarendra Bahubali is dead, or rather, he killed him.

The baby:

The scene from Katapa raising the baby’s foot to his head, to Sivagami taking the baby out and showing it off to the world screaming the name Mahendra Bahubali shows that she is sure that the baby is born to rule.


Our interpretation:

The raging fire on the top could also be the one we see in the opening shot (assuming it doesn’t feature as the starting scene like we interpreted in the first block), or could be just to symbolise that this baby is born amidst a lot of unrest and raging fire. The fire on the sun symbol could also be seen as an imagery of the bright days ahead for the people of Mahishmathi under the rule of Mahendra Bahubali – the baby. This scene where Sivagami shows the baby to the world, might appear right before she fleds the baby to safety, and Katappa placing his head on the baby’s feet is indicative that he’s promising his loyalty to Bahubali Jr. This could occur right after he has dragged the sword into the palace to deliver the news that he has killed Amarendra Bahubali.

The raging sun, the silhouette of a king, and the prince:

We see the silhouette of a king with a larger-than-life shadow against the background of the raging sun, followed by glimpses of the prince (Mahendra Bahubali), walking amidst the crowd, in his father’s armour.

the-raging-sun-the-silhouette-of-a-king-and-the-princeOur interpretation:

This could be the moment when Mahendra Bahubali heads for the palace to wage a war with his uncle, who unlawfully usurped the throne. The larger-than-life shadow could be to symbolise that he is backed by the king Amarendra Bahubali himself. The way people touch and adrmire the mighty warrior in armour could make it seem like he could be Amarendra Bahubali who was loved by his people, but the decorative mark on Bahubali senior has a symbol of the crescent moon, while this person is seen to be having a symbol of Siva’s third eye, which is what Sivudu (Mahendra Bahubali) dons. This indicates that it is the prince who has come back in his father’s armour(recall this armor from the Kalakeya fight) to reclaim his kingdom and is being received with great love by his people.

The lush green kingdom:

This kingdom is different from what we see in the aerial shot of Mahishmathi in Bahubali – The Beginning. This kingdom is livelier and green compared as opposed to the palaces and forts that Mahishmathi has.

the-lush-green-kingdomOur interpretation:

This could be the kingdom of Devasena, which Bahubali and Bhallaladeva chance upon as they go in the lookout for the thief (recall flashback in part one). The Elephants, waterfall, and garden that we see here could be the  kingdom of Devasena also for the fact that the place were Avantika and others striving to save their queen Devasena are using as their hideout (the garden in pachabottu song, and the mountain behind the waterfall that Sivudu climbs in part one, could be hints for these).

Katappa’s shocked face:

Sivagami warns of an internal unrest that could lead to a war, Amarendra Bahubali is seen dripping blood, and there’s chaos all around. Amidst all these we are given a glimpse of Katappa’s face that seems shocked on hearing something he least expected.

Our interpretation:

This could be the moment where Bhallaladeva has taken over the throne and orders Katappa to kill Bahubali. Being a slave to the throne (and not any king, like he reveals to Sudeep in part one), he is bound to follow the orders and kill the child he raised.

The scared faces:

We see a group of helpless people afraid and speechless at what they’re witnessing.

Baahubali-2 Trailer Our interpretation:

While the mum look could be interpreted as their surprise on seeing their Prince Mahendra Bahubali coming back to life, the scared expression in their eyes reveals otherwise. So, this could be the fear of Bhallaladeva rather than the joy of seeing Bahubali. *Do note that there’s a reflection of fire blazing on the faces of these people indicating that it could be a post-war scene.*

The battle:

Katappa,Avantika, Mahendra Bahubali, and their army march into the palace and we see an angry Bijalladeva breaking a pillar and Bhallaladeva fighting withBahubali.

Our interpretation:

This is the first time the physical might of Bijalladeva is being displayed. All through part one, he was shown as the shrewd and smart person who felt he was mistreated due to his physical disability. This display of strength could be a result of seeing the murderer of Badra in front of his eyes and not having Katappa at their beck and call.

chainAlso seen in this battle is a muscular man (mostly likely to be Bhalladeva) being punched by a man using chains wrapped around his fist as a weapon. These could be the same chains that held Devasena captive for all this years, and the ultimate vengeance for the disgrace caused upon the queen, by using what held her down all these years.

Katapa on his knees before Amarendra Bahubali:

Katapa backstabs Bahubali but doesn’t fatally injures him. And that Amarendra Bahubali could be alive and come back seeking vengeance.

katapa-on-his-knees-before-amarendra-bahubaliOur Interpretation:

Amarendra Bahubali wasn’t killed in the fight or rather Katappa did injure him and faked the death of the king on the orders from Bahubali himself.There are two instances in the trailer that support this theory. One is when Amarendra Bahubali says that none can kill him with Katappa around. And the second one is, we see him sit on a throne-like structure and talking to Katappa, in the same place where he was stabbed.

Siva linga dripping blood:

Amidst the battle where we see Avantika, Katappa, and Mahendra Bahubali (Sivudu), entering the Mahishmathi palace with their force, we see a white Siva linga that’s dripping blood from the third eye.

siva-linga-dripping-bloodOur Interpretation:

The Siva linga was dripping blood could be something that we might witness in the closing sequence where Mahendra Bahubali gets into an epic battle with Ballaladeva. The scene could appear right before Devasena sets him on fire, as she vows to in the part one.

The use of crowd:

A mob, army, or a bunch of people waiting in the hallway of the palace are shown twice in the trailer, and in both the instances, they speak volumes of what lies ahead without speaking a word. For instance, in the opening shot where the camera moves from the raging fire and towards the palace, we see people scattered around symbolizing the unrest. Later as the trailer progresses further, we get two glimpses of the army where they’re carefully standing in their files symbolizing the order and peace in the kingdom.

the-use-of-crowdThe second part, or Bahubali the Conclusion is sure to be one that’s filled with battles and wars, with gory blood dripping scenes, and the trailer highlights this unrest clearly with the choice of colors that are mostly red and yellow, unlike the teaser of part one that had more vibrant hues. These are a few interpretations we could draw from the thousands of times that we watched the two minute odd film trailer, and we couldn’t get enough of the masterpiece. If you could spot some clues that we missed, or think we were wrong, please feel free to share them in the comments below.

By Sindhuja Iyer