118 Movie Review – Decent Suspense Thriller

Movie Review: 118 - Decent Suspense Thriller

Release date : March 01, 2019

Starring : Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, Nivetha Thomas, Shalini Pandey and others

Director : K. V. Guhan

Producers : Mahesh koneru

Music Director : Sekhar Chandra

Cinematographer : K. V. Guhan

Editor : Bikkina Thammiraju

118 has built a decent buzz over the past few days, especially after the pre-release event that was attended by Nandamuri Balakrishna and Jr NTR. The film hit the theaters today and let’s check how it is.


Gautam(Kalyan Ram) keeps struggling with lucid dreaming. All of his dreams are about an unknown girl(Nivetha Thomas). He starts on a mission to know whether she is present in the physical world. Will he find her? If yes, what are her problems and how will he save her? The answers to these question form the remaining story.


Kalyan Ram looks really stout. His physique is perfect for this role. He comes up with a highly intense performance, and that adds a whole lot of authenticity to the proceedings.

Nivetha Thomas is a really good pick for this role. She carries the emotions really well all the way through. Her subtle performance is a big asset to this film.

Shalini Pandey has a limited screen presence, but she manages to leave an impact. She looks cute and bubbly in this flick.

The remaining star cast performed to the best of their capabilities.

Technical Finesse:

KV Guhan, who was a cinematographer previously, turned a director for this film. His narration is decent, but the screenplay looks patchy in parts. The vibe has not been carried evenly.

However, Guhan’s work behind the lens is commendable. His choice of shots and camera angles have added more value to the film.

The music is adequate, and so were the production values. The film looks rich and vibrant, thanks to some impressive production management.


118 is a decent suspense thriller that has its own share of ups and downs. The setup and theme are intriguing, but the execution is not quite perfect. Too many elements have been used to reveal the suspense. The film will make for a decent watch this weekend for those who like this particular genre.